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When the lights come up on the stage...will you be ready?

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Need a blues vocalist?Bassist?lyricst?Get in touch with me,Im allways ready to put my talents to work.Last minute step ins are ok with me,Dont put off that gig or recording spot,You can text me on yahoo.My id is osie2006 or rockcitystudios

Better Late Than Ever
(2005; Oscar Harris, songwritter )

The man in black
southfeild reunion concert

Rockcitystudios will be back up and running in the summer of 2007,but I will not be taking on any new projects as my focus will be my solo release.

Favorite Band

Well when it comes to bands i think the best is hard to list.All bands have their strong points but if i had to choose Id say the bands War,Funkadalic,EWF,come to mind.And of course, Yes,Hendrix,Living color,Soundgarden,Auido slave,Kiss,GFR,and many more.I think one of the best new bands is coheed and cambria.This band rocks and conveys the roots of true rock music.The music I write and play has be influnced by many of these bands.Give my songs a listen and youll see. 

for more info email mydemise04@yahoo.com