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Crank it up! now playing, ELDEA
2004 live show in Inoia, Mi

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Oscar (Osie) Harris
Basses and other assorted Grooviness

Oscar Harris began his career as a musician as an over-eager rocker in a heavy metal cover band, playing a fender bass. Although he never started playing untill 2002,his songwriting skills started very early on. His musical style emulated the likes of Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, and Jack Bruce. His rough rocker style is in stark contrast to his apperance.['Most people think I do jazz or something soft' ]

In the last 4 years, Oscar Harris has worked to become fixture in the Central Ohio music scene. He has performed with many popular bands in the area and has established himself as one of the "go to" rock bassists and blues vocalist in the Ohio region. With experience in many musical styles from classic rock to blues come lots of opportunities to play in varied situations.Oscar has excelled as an accomplished session player and an in-demand on call musician.

"The key is to be intuitive" says Harris. "You have to know how to read the members of your band and work with them to consistently make the music sound good." His early experiences in branching out to new genres taught him to listen to what the music is trying to say and play to that style.Oscar attributes his success to each project he has worked on, taking lessons from the bands and applying them to his own musical style.
"You have to keep an open mind musically, and be patient because overplaying a bass line can be just as disastrous as underplaying."

Currently, Oscar is recording his solo release cd,which includes the pop/rock song entitled Eldea.If you havent heard this song,You may be missing a great treat.Oscars songwritting skills and lyricial content ,along with his rock-solid rhythm and strong vocals compliments his project with tasty understatement. He plays a wide array of four and five string basses (see equipment list below) and uses Dean Markley strings exclusively.

Among his bag of tricks,Oscar uses:

Dean Markley Strings - exclusively

Washburn ts 4- string frettless Bass. Completely stock w/ active electronics.
Yamaha BBG5 Five-string Bass. This instrument has passive electronics and is strung with a high C string instead of a low B.
In the Rack:
Harkte 5500 Amplifier(2 )
DBX Stereo Compressor
Digitech DSP128 Multi-effects processor
Peavey Probass Pre-amp (Why not?)
Samson wireless unit/Bass cabs[2Harkte410xls[1]115xl sub

Thank you for your interest in my upcoming freshman cd release.As I am now going through the post production stages,I welcome the opportunity to share my talents with you.You will find enclosed a short bio,song list and cd art,also post production copy of my intended release entitled "Better Late Than Ever"

Although the final cd will include fourteen tracks,this ‘Demo’ cd only contains four tracks to showcase my bassist skills,vocal range and lyrical/ songwriting ability.

This is a pre-mastering(non-edited) copy and not intended for resale to the public as.these tracks were recored at my home studio.( rockcitystudios)

Please email your thoughts and comments to the below email address.

The full length cd will be released for sale in the coming months and if you would like a copy or would like to attend my cd release party,please indicate that in your email and I’ll get the info to you.Thanks again for your time and your ear!

Osie and members of T.E.C.P at recording studio

for more info email mydemise04@yahoo.com